A heartfelt thank you to everyone in my turbocharge community – your support means the world to me! As we reflect on #strategy, #change, and #transformation, let’s embrace the power of growth.

As 2024 draws to a close, I’m pleased to share with you my 5 most popular strategy execution articles for the year.

I’ve personally written all editions of Turbocharge Weekly for you. At the moment, I’m using AI for idea generation, and for some longer article outlines, but not for drafting my weekly newsletters. My tips are written from my personal experiences of working on over 50 transformation and strategy initiatives, and I find that AI cannot do this (yet).

Best newsletter for 2023:

  1. The-Future-of-Strategy
  2. Strategy is not democratic
  3. How to successfully implement a restructure
  4. Energize Your Work Through Personal Purpose
  5. Unlocking the Power of AI for Strategy Execution, Change Management, and Project Management

It has been a wonderful year for Turbocharge Weekly. I started in January with a data base of around 1,500 previous clients, colleagues and friends. We have grown to around 6,000 subscribers. Your referrals continue to help me get closer to my goal of 10,000 subscribers. Thank you for reading and forwarding my work.


Quote of the week

“Habits matter because they help you become the person you wish to be.”

James Clear, Bestselling Author of Atomic Habits


Happy holidays, whatever and wherever and however you celebrate. May there be more peace in our world in 2024.

Keep turbocharging, keep growing 😊🌱📈

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About Lisa Carlin

As a strategy execution specialist and scaleup mentor, Lisa works with ambitious digital leaders to turbocharge their transformation and business planning. Lisa’s clients have an independent sounding board and expert advice so they have absolute confidence they WILL ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS. Lisa is Co-Founder and Director of FutureBuilders Group of organisational development specialists, and volunteers as Chair of the University of Cape Town Australia Trust. Her early career was with Accenture (South Africa) and McKinsey (USA).

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