As a CEO or executive, time always seems to slip away with so many tasks at hand. But too much work can lead to burnout for you and your team. Learn how to manage burnout with these three tips.

A CEO of a mid-sized business recently spoke to me about a problem they are having.  The executive team and staff have far too much work on.  She told me they have too many projects underway, and new projects keep creeping onto their agenda.

They have tried to re-prioritze several times but still land up with too many new projects. The CEO is frustrated and concerned her team will burn out.

I know this is an issue for many executives right now. Too much to do. Not enough time in the day. Below I share 3 tips that I have recommended.

3 tips to right-size your strategic project load

  1. Approach it holistically with multidisciplinary skills – with a strong project and change management skills, or a working group to resolve this (I often mentor these groups and we replace patchwork solutions with a holistic cross-functional approach).

  2. Keep changes simple and right – suited to the workplace culture, size and cadence of the business (often they are too complex, overly process-oriented, have no buy-in, and don’t stick).
  3. Address prioritisation of current projects, AND root-cause issues/behaviours to ensure it is sustainable. Spend a little extra time now to save wasted effort, misery and burnout later.


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About Lisa Carlin

Lisa specialises in accelerating strategic projects.  She has pioneered a Culture-Friendly approach which she has used to deliver and guide executives through over 50 transformation programs. Her early career was with McKinsey and Accenture. In 1999, she started her own business (now part of FutureBuilders), working with prestigious global organizations and B2B Tech.  Lisa is Founder of the Turbocharge Hub, which provides frameworks, tools and training to business leaders who want to be future-ready and fast-track implementation of change initiatives.

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