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Lisa Carlin | Future Builders Group

Lisa Carlin

Lisa Carlin GAICD MBA B.Bus.Sc is a Scaleup Mentor and Board Advisor. Lisa guides visionary CEOs, Executives and Directors to accelerate their transformation to a “Unicorn” organisation. Those working with Lisa have the sounding board and expert guidance they need to navigate success with speed and precision, so they can deliver growth and business value.

Lisa’s work is mostly in B2B, education, talent and SaaS technology. She is also Chair of an Education NFP and member of Advisory Boards. Lisa’s early career was with Accenture (South Africa) and McKinsey (USA).

Lisa Ainsworth | Future Builders Group

Lisa Ainsworth

Lisa Ainsworth BA, MComm is a specialist in workplace change, people, and culture. Lisa’s approach is inclusive and engaging, building capacity within her clients. Lisa works with Executives and their teams to co-design sustainable change outcomes and engages teams in successful implementation. Lisa builds deep trust with her clients as she guides them through their own change processes to strengthen their culture.

Lisa works with in public, corporate and private organisations. She is a Board member in the education sector and supports many not for profits focussing on children’s health, wellbeing and education. Lisa has previously led large corporate human resources teams.

Vivky King | Future Builders Group

Vicky King

Vicky King GAICD MA, MSc is an organisational development specialist. Vicky works with Executive teams to co-design the future and implement people and culture strategies that will facilitate the organisation’s transformation. Vicky is a trusted partner and brings a warm, engaging style to help teams conceptualise the “what” and “how” of change.

Vicky works with multinationals and clients within Australia. She supports many not for profits locally and is on the Board of a Community Foundation. Vicky has worked in global roles in both brand marketing and OD.


Future Builders Group | Dr Norman Chorn

Norman Chorn

Dr Norman Chorn, one of the co-founders of FutureBuilders, helps individuals think differently to lead and build highly successful global organisations.
Norman integrates the principles of neuroscience with strategy and economics, using scenario planning and neurostrategy (the combination of neuroscience and strategy) to achieve innovative approaches to strategy, organisation, and leadership.
Norman holds visiting and associate appointments with a number of leading international Graduate Schools of Management. He has a PhD, a Master of Business Administration and is an ambassador for Thought Leaders Global.

Future Builders Group | Allison Keogh

Allison Keogh

Allison Keogh is a specialist in organisational development, change, leadership, and culture.  Allison works effectively at all levels to engage people in the positive impact they can have – as individuals, teams, organisations and as part of a community.  Allison’s inclusive, warm, and direct style brings high levels of trust and results – by facilitating real conversations and meaningful change.
Allison has experience with a wide range of industries and sectors including Banking, Financial Services, Information Technology, Professional Services, Human Resources, Federal and State public service agencies, Local Government, Media, Manufacturing, Education, Health, and the Not-for-Profit sector.

Future Builders Group | Dan Levy

Dan Levy

Dan Levy is a strategist, creative, and skilled facilitator. He is also an educator, global speaker, tech investor, and startup founder.
Dan utilises Human-Centered Design (HCD) and Design Thinking approaches. His ethos is embedded in the More Space philosophy, to transform employees to intrapreneurs, so that they are better equipped to tackle big problems, have the capability to create new solutions, and the confidence to put them in motion. This enables organisations to foster a culture of creative confidence and collaboration.

Future Builders Group | Tamar Altbeker

Tamar Altbeker

Tamar Altbeker, MSW is a specialist Learning and Development practitioner. Tamar works with clients across industries focusing on learning strategy, instructional design and facilitation. Her expertise lies in achieving real behavioural and cultural change at the individual, team and business level. She designs and delivers blended learning strategies focussed on continuous improvement through learning in the flow of work.
Tamar is a skilled facilitator working both face to face and virtually. Tamar prides herself on interactive, participant-centred facilitation using available tools, platforms and techniques both online and virtually.

Future Builders Group | Nicole Weber

Nicole Weber

Nicole Weber applies over 25 years of leadership and operational experience to build confidence, capabilities, and capacity in individuals and teams with a particular passion for leadership development and strengths-based coaching.
Nicole is a natural strategic planner and translator of complexity into simplicity. She has a knack for helping teams articulate their mission, values, and goals, and translating these into clear, accountable plans. Nicole is on the Board of a Community Foundation and works with non-profits and small to medium enterprises to supercharge their success.

Future Builders Group | Hannah Berson

Hannah Berson

Hannah Berson is the founder and CEO of SALT Collaboratory, a Design Thinking consulting and training company.
As a MURAL Playmaker and LUMA Certified Instructor, Hannah creates custom Design Thinking training programs to help clients acquire the critical skills necessary to unlock the collaborative intelligence of their teams.  She is an expert Design Thinking facilitator and uses select methods in her strategic planning workshops to promote engagement, alignment, and productivity. Her extensive portfolio of healthcare, real estate, financial services, non-profit, and manufacturing clients is evidence of growing application of Design Thinking across industries and sectors.
Prior to SALT Collaboratory, Hannah held senior positions at consultancies Kearney and Cap Gemini Ernst and Young (CGEY) in London and Point B in Seattle. Hannah has a CFA, an MSc from the London School of Economics and a BA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Future Builders Group | Julie Lonsdale

Julie Lonsdale

Julie Lonsdale BE, MBA is a passionate and inclusive change leader who helps organisations deliver new ways of working, building team and change capability.  Julie works collaboratively with leaders and teams to co-design, introduce and sustainably adopt significant change across complex service and program environments aligned to strategy.
Julie has a track record for setting up and delivering significant cultural and digital transformation programs for public companies, public sector and professional services.  She has held senior strategic HR roles and set up change teams and programs for large scale transformation.

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