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Turbocharge Your Transformation membership.

For managers leading projects, strategic initiatives, recorganizations or major change.


Go FROM being exhausted by PUSHING against “politicking” and resistance, TO a powerful, motivating PULL effect.

Implement your business, cultural and digital transformation programs with influence and momentum

Join me to
Turbocharge Your Transformation

for Business Project Leads, Change Managers and Program Managers,

Implement your business, cultural and digital transformation programs with influence and momentum.

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Design your projects with impact. Get your stakeholders behind you.

Learn the 7 habits of highly successful program leaders.

Operate at your optimum

By joining Turbocharge your Transformation you are going to:

  • Turbocharge any strategic initiative, such as your growth strategy, re-organization, cultural change, digital transformation, or business program implementation
  • Understand the possibilities you can achieve in an implementation role by taking a multidisciplinary approach
  • Access the tools and frameworks you need to manage business projects and change professionally

  • Influence your stakeholders with credibility, so people feel part of the change rather than having change “done to them”
  • Be comfortable to take on new projects where you aren’t the subject matter expert
  • Start each project or program of work confidently
  • Connect with other professionals working on transformation projects and programs

  • Work smarter, not harder – move from an exhausting PUSH effect, to a powerful, motivating PULL effect
  • Build your credibility so you become known for being a capable, influential, get-things-done transformation professional

You KNOW there is more to learn to keep your projects on track. You would love some quick, easy, practical WINNING templates. You WANT more influence with your stakeholders. You don’t have time to take a week off to learn theoretical 101 change tools. You don’t want an expensive PM course full of stage-gate bureaucracy that won’t work in your organization.

Lead your Transformation Program like a PRO.

FutureBuilders Academy | Turbocharge Your Transformation Roadmap

These are the modules we cover each month:

Future Builders Academy | Turbocharge Your Transformation Modules

What Our Clients Say

Future Builders Group | Wendy Anderson

Wendy Anderson

SVP, Professional Services ANZ, SalesForce

Lisa I wanted to thank you for the outstanding coaching/mentoring support you provided, and your change management team provided, during our recent project. Anyone looking to make transformational change in their business should look no further!

Future Builders Group | Gary Adler

Gary Adler

Chief Digital Officer, Minter Ellison Lawyers

Upon recommendation, Lisa came in at short notice as our Interim Head of PMO. Within just a few short days, Lisa very impressively had reviewed and fully understood the current status and challenges, built key networks and was ready to hit the ground running. Lisa’s deep experience in PMO structures and program management shone through immediately, ensuring that in the relatively short time Lisa was with us, the PMO ran smoothly and was left in a solid, strong shape to continue to serve as a critical project hub to our firm.

Future Builders Group | Paul Manks

Paul Manks

General Manager, CSR

Lisa has supported several of our businesses at CSR to take on a number of change management projects over several years – the critical contribution from Lisa has been supporting us to actually execute our plans and deliver an outcome that delivers measurable benefits to our business, including sales performance and improved cultural outcomes. I would highly recommend Lisa if you are keen to move from idea to delivery – her style is very collaborative and respectful which I believe is a key to her success and the value she brings to every project she takes on.

Future Builders Group | Brenda Cleaver

Brenda Cleaver

Former COO, TAFE NSI, Australia

Lisa worked on the organisational business model and co-designed the implementation plan with the executive team at the Northern Sydney Institute to have the new business model/structure endorsed. Her approach to implementation and management of risk was key to ensuring the success of the program. Highly recommended.

Future Builders Group | Deborah Mason

Deborah Mason

SVP, PageUp

We engaged Lisa to help work with us on stress testing some ideas around our organizational design/structure. Her ability to provide thought-provoking insights and challenge our thinking was extremely valuable and highly appreciated. I would be very happy to work with Lisa again on future projects.

Future Builders Group | Stella Petrou Concha

Stella Petrou Concha

CEO, REO Group, Australia

I’ve known Lisa for over 10 years. During this time she has been a wise sage and a clever strategist that has on many occasions been an exceptional sounding board for me as an entrepreneur and CEO. Highly recommend.

Future Builders Group | Hannah Berson

Hannah Berson

Design Thinking Specialist, SALT Collabatory, Seattle USA

Lisa is excellent at bringing people together to learn new skills and share expertise in friendly online environments.

For managers who are implementing strategic projects, who want to deliver successful outcomes,
Turbocharge Your Transformation
will give you the skills, templates, methods and confidence you need to implement your projects and programs.
Unlike other training and methodologies that only address PART of the issues you are facing, the FutureBuilders Transformation Framework takes a multidisciplinary perspective, based on principles from change management, project management, agile, management consulting and design thinking. In today’s volatile operating environment, this enables you to deliver your programs and projects with the best chance of success.

Lead your Transformation Program like a PRO.

Activate Your Strategy

Find the path to successful transformation

Find The Path To Successful Transformation

You want your transformation to be successful. It is critical to your business success and your role. This is the “unicorn” approach, to get you into the ROI and innovation zone.

Flywheel Effect

Move from a PUSH

Moves the transformation from a PUSH to a PULL approach where people not only want the change, but actively get involved to make it happen.

Future Builders Group | Corporate Associates

stakeholder communities

Scale up your contribution NOW. Community magnifies momentum. Community creates belongingness. Belongingness amplifies motivation, learning and creativity.

Join an exceptional group of professionals honing their skills, networks
and confidence to turbocharge their business impact

About the Founder of the FutureBuilders Academy, Lisa Carlin

(And why is she credible to help you?)

Future Builders Group | Lisa Carlin - Founder of OD HiveHi, I’m Lisa Carlin. As a scaleup mentor, I work with ambitious digital leaders to turbo-charge their business, cultural and digital transformation.

Those working with me have an independent sounding board and expert advice so they have absolute confidence they will achieve their goal.

The average failure rate for transformation is around 70% according to McKinsey research. In contrast, I have designed and delivered around 50 transformation programs, with just a 4% failure rate. Both failed projects were abruptly terminated due to a CEO / responsible executive being replaced.

When stakes are high, each decision counts. You won’t get a second chance.

My early career was with Accenture in South Africa and McKinsey in the USA. I’ve since worked with global multinationals, Australian corporates, government and NFP’s through to startups and VC funded businesses. I’m Co-Founder and Director of FutureBuilders Group which is a network of Organizational Development specialists.

I’ve been running a vibrant mastermind community since 2020. Over my career, I have built many stakeholder communities inside organizations to drive transformation with powerful momentum. I also volunteer as the Chair of an Education NFP, and I’m focused on building a different kind of community – volunteers fundraising for disadvantaged students in shanty towns of Africa. Education is a major enabler of change.

I have now distilled and documented the techniques and tools that I am confident provide exceptional momentum and precision to a transformation. I look forward to welcoming you to the FutureBuilders Academy.

Lisa Carlin

No more worrying about not being heard. No more guessing which is the right approach. No more wasting time trying to satisfy every single stakeholder. No more pushing against your culture. No more inertia. No more frustration.

There is nothing worse than regret.

You are finding it hard to fight against disinterest, politicking, inertia and resistance

Your operating environment is COMPLEX

You have so many stakeholders, roadblocks, disruptions, time wasters

You want to be in that “Unicorn Zone” where everything you’re doing is working like magic.

You want to achieve more, so you’re working harder than ever. And the harder you work, the more worn out you are.

BUT you can’t get to the Unicorn Zone by PUSHING HARDER.

You MUST create a PULL effect.

Learn how to work within your culture instead of against it.

I know how hard change is. I’ve delivered in the trenches for over 25 years.

I’ve made made mistakes: not having the confidence to speak up to the CEO when I could see the executive sponsor was not up to the job; not taking time to get to know a key stakeholder; not believing in myself enough. And feeling drained by resistance and negativity.

Then I developed the FutureBuilders Transformation FrameworkTM. It moves the approach from a highly resistant, exhausting “PUSH” effort, to a powerful “PULL” effect that delivers success, ROI and innovation.

Learn how to achieve transformation with precision and confidence.

What you will get as a member of FutureBuilders Academy: Turbocharge Your Transformation:


  • Exclusive, LIVE fortnightly group Zoom calls with Lisa Carlin – most months there is a training masterclass, AND a group coaching call (60 minute sessions most fortnights of the year on the first and 3rd Tuesday of the month – this is a Monday in the US and Canada)

  • A Turbocharge playbook for each masterclass with editable PowerPoint one-page easy to use, tried-and-tested TEMPLATES covering change management, project management, design thinking, strategy, and management consulting approaches

  • Access to an exclusive FutureBuilders Academy App for members, available on your desktop and smartphone with all materials with curated resources

  • Recordings of training workshops that are held from the date you join onwards, so you can watch them again at your leisure

Bonus Inclusions

  • Access to selected new programs that are released with no extra charge, including guest experts
  • Discounts to the FutureBuilders OD Hive mastermind groups (masterminds are small groups of professionals meeting monthly to explore trending topics in disruptive innovation and support each other in achieving their goals)

  • Discounts to 1on1 mentoring sessions with Lisa Carlin
Future Builders Academy | Member Access

Existing members sign in here

If you are already a member of the FutureBuilders Academy: Turbocharge Your Transformation, you can access your modules here

FAQs for the FutureBuilders Academy: Turbocharge Your Transformation

How does the Academy benefit Business Project Leads, Finance, Marketing & HR Specialists, OD practitioners, Change Managers and Project Managers?2023-05-04T16:56:07+10:00

Anyone who is managing transformation projects will:

  • Learn to deliver successful projects and programs through taking a multi-disciplinary perspective across business, change management and project management disciplines
  • Improve the way you navigate through culture to make things happen
  • Get access to a library of powerful one-page templates and learn how to influence your stakeholders with these tools
  • Lead your transformation like a pro
  • Energize your career by gaining clarity and confidence
  • Impress your Executive team in your ability to get things done at scale.
How will I be charged if I want to participate in all the masterclasses, the group coaching and have access to the templates?2023-05-04T16:56:12+10:00

You can join the FutureBuilders Academy’s Turbocharge Your Transformation membership for $99 USD per month. You can cancel at any time. This gives you immediate access to the overview module recording and playbook.  Most months, Lisa Carlin holds a live masterclass on a topic critical to transformation success, and also a group coaching call where you can share the techniques you have tried, ask questions, and receive feedback from Lisa and other members.  Before each masterclass, you will receive the playbook which includes the tools and templates.   If you miss a live masterclass, you can access the recording on your app and you can watch a replay at any time. You will continue to have access to these resources for as long as you are a member.

Each month that you continue your membership, you will have access to additional masterclassess, playbooks and templates – as per the published roadmap. You will also receive bonus content that becomes available to Turbocharge Your Transformation members at no extra cost. You can view the roadmap which contains a calendar of modules from 2023 to December 2024.

How do I access my training material?2023-05-04T16:55:59+10:00

See the one page Turbocharge your Transformation Roadmap in the overview module with a schedule of dates of all LIVE sessions. Before each LIVE module is delivered (via a Zoom workshop), you are encouraged to access the playbook and templates available in the FutureBuilders Academy app. You can access this app on your phone and your desktop whenever you wish with your unique password. After the LIVE modules are delivered, the recordings are also uploaded to the module in case you missed the session or want to watch it again.

From time to time, there are bonus modules available for Turbocharge Your Transformation, and these will be added to your app at no extra charge.

Will my membership fee increase?2023-05-04T16:55:55+10:00

If you stay a member, you will not have an increase in price.

Although the membership price does increase from time to time to, all existing members maintain their access at the same price FOR LIFE (as long as you don’t cancel), and the price increases will only apply to new subscribers. If you cancel, you are then considered a ‘new’ member again and if the price has increased, your monthly membership fee would reflect the most up to date pricing. If you do not cancel, your monthly membership fee will be honoured for as long as you maintain the payments and include all future upgrades at no extra costs. As of 1 May 2023, the monthly membership fee is $99 USD for newly joining members.

How does this differ from other project management and change management training and other proprietary methodologies?2023-05-04T16:55:50+10:00

Turbocharge Your Transformation is different in 2 significant ways.

Firstly, it has a delivery mode that provides the flexibility of synchronous and asynchronous, live (Zoom-based) and digital online training (app-based).

This is a subscription-based membership training group meets live on Zoom approximately every fortnight (with some scheduled breaks over the year). If you cannot attend the live sessions for any reason, a recording will be uploaded shortly after the session. This means you can access the program synchronously (LIVE with the other members) or asynchronously (in your own personal time as you wish). All materials are available on the app on your desktop and smartphone at a time that suits you.

Secondly, the underpinning ethos of the Turbocharge training is completely different. Transformation training typically follows a methodology from a particular discipline, such as project (or program) management or change management. On the other hand, the Turbocharge training is multi-disciplinary and draws off the disciplines of business, digital, project management, change management, design thinking, consulting, problem solving, agile and others. This blended approach is methodology-agnostic, which means it can be used in combination with other techniques that you find useful, or as a complement to the methodologies adopted within your organization.

How does Turbocharge your Transformation membership differ from the OD Hive mastermind group membership that the FutureBuilders Academy offers?2023-05-04T16:55:46+10:00

Both are memberships within the FutureBuilders Academy, and Lisa Carlin is the Program Leader of both.  They are however completely different in style and focus, and complement each other.

The OD Hive is a small peer mentoring group of 20 professionals learning from a facilitated discussion on trending topics. It is enquiry-based social learning, which means the agenda emerges based on interests of the group, and members learn primarily from each other, as well as from the facilitators.  It is not training, it is not content-intensive, it is a learning community. Members pay an annual subscription fee and your group has fixed participants who you will get to know over the course of the year.

Turbocharge your Transformation is completely different – it is a training academy with a fixed program of expert content.  You will receive playbooks and tools, and learn how to use them. Numbers of participants are not capped at a maximum.  Participants pay by the month, so your cohort is larger, and may vary.

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