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You’re a business leader, building your reputation on transformation.

You know strategy execution is tough and risky.

You want access to the best ideas to accelerate your change agenda, with an approach that has produced 96% success. 

Turbocharge Your Transformation
Lisa Carlin

If you’re a transformation leader, change maker or innovator
you want to fast track your implementation, this is for you.

Cut through the politics and inertia.  Get innovative ideas. Stay current and connected.

Join others like you that are curious and courageous.  Make a bigger impact. Faster.

Triple your likelihood of success.

Future Builders Group | Mitch-zenger

Mitch Zenger

Future World of Work specialist, Palo Alto, USA

I am super excited to join Turbocharge Your Transformation membership with Lisa. ….. Work is getting a whole lot more complex, and people like Lisa Carlin who understand that and pull the right system together to adapt to that complexity, that’s where the future of work is going.

Implement strategy, projects and change with precision, traction and momentum. 

With Turbocharge Your Transformation,

You will:

  • Think strategically, get clarity

  • Identify and build on your superpowers

  • Influence your stakeholders credibly

  • Align your projects with your culture


  • Design change and strategy execution plans

  • Generate persuasive frameworks and business cases

  • Implement time saving program governance

  • Leverage AI, diagnostic tools, communication and other techniques

Join Turbocharge Your Transformation membership. $99 USD per month. Cancel anytime.

No risk 14 day money back if you don’t get value. *** Lock-in your founder member pricing now ***

These clients have turbocharged:

Future Builders Group | Wendy Anderson

Wendy Anderson

SVP, Professional Services ANZ, SalesForce

Anyone looking to make transformational change in their business should look no further!

Future Builders Group | Wendy Anderson

Paul Manks

General Manager, CSR

Lisa has supported several of our businesses… to actually execute our plans and deliver an outcome that delivers measurable benefits to our business, including sales performance and improved cultural outcomes.

Future Builders Group | Gary Adler

Gary Adler

Chief Digital Officer, Minter Ellison Lawyers

Lisa’s deep experience in PMO structures and program management shone through immediately.

Future Builders Group | Gary Adler

Brenda Cleaver

Former COO, TAFE NSI, Australia

Lisa co-designed the implementation plan with the executive team …to have the new business model/structure endorsed. Her approach to implementation and management of risk was key to ensuring the success of the program.

Future Builders Group | Hannah Berson

Hannah Berson

Design Thinking Specialist, SALT Collabatory, Seattle USA

Lisa is excellent at bringing people together to learn new skills and share expertise in friendly online environments.

Join Turbocharge Your Transformation

Membership includes:

  • Zoom masterclass monthly with Founder, Lisa Carlin

  • Zoom group coaching monthly with Lisa Carlin

  • New module each month with playbook and editable PowerPoint templates

  • Member App with video and resource library

Bonus inclusions:

  • Access to guest experts

  • Discounted mastermind groups

  • Discounted 1:1 mentoring sessions

Join Turbocharge Your Transformation membership. $99 USD per month for a limited time. Cancel anytime.

About the Leader of Turbocharge Your Transformation, Lisa Carlin

Future Builders Group | Lisa Carlin - Founder of OD HiveHi, I’m Lisa Carlin. As a scaleup mentor, I work with ambitious leaders to turbocharge their transformation and business planning.

Implementation can be lonely, overwhelming, with roadblocks everywhere. My clients tell me they value having an independent sounding board and expert advice so they have confidence they will deliver their target outcomes.

They feel re-assured knowing I’ve designed and delivered over 50 transformation programs with a 96% success rate (versus typical failures reported of 70%).

My early career was with Accenture in South Africa and McKinsey in the USA. I’ve since worked with organizations ranging from global multinationals to startups.

I look forward to working with you so that you can successfully implement your projects, change and digital transformation with precision, traction and momentum.

Lisa Carlin


Join Turbocharge Your Transformation membership. $99 USD per month for a limited time. Cancel anytime.

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FAQs for Turbocharge Your Transformation membership

Who is suitable to join Turbocharge Your Transformation membership?2023-06-25T10:45:13+10:00

Turbocharge Your Transformation is designed for those leading or managing projects and programs.  This includes finance managers, marketing managers and human resource managers, organizational development practitioners, technology professionals, change managers and program/project leads or program/project managers.

What if I can’t attend the live Zoom sessions?2023-06-25T11:29:45+10:00

You can participate in this program live or in your own time.

All materials are available on the App.  The live masterclasses and group coaching calls are recorded and uploaded to the App, usually within 24 hours of the sessions.  In this way you can participate asynchronously in your own time to suit your own schedule.

If you have addition questions, Lisa Carlin is available for 1:1 coaching. Contact Lisa directly for details on lisa.carlin@futurebuildersgroup.com.

What exactly is included in my monthly flat rate membership fees?2023-07-12T20:56:53+10:00

You can join the Turbocharge Your Transformation membership for the same monthly flat rate at any time. You will receive a roadmap showing the modules covered each month. You can cancel at any time.

You will receive access to the introduction module which includes recordings and playbooks with editable one page PowerPoint templates, and we suggest you complete the introduction module first.

Each month there is a different module (topic) which includes a playbook, a masterclass and group coaching. You can chose to attend live sessions on Zoom or catch the recording afterwards in your own time.

Members learn how to:

1. Achieve business outcomes with precision (strategy implementation, problem solving, AI tools, business cases)

2. Design projects with traction (project planning, governance, execution)

3. Change behaviours with momentum (change management, stakeholders, communication, skills)

All topics are taught from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Each month’s learning includes:

* Release of the playbook for the month, 14 days to read the material if you wish.

* Live 60 minute masterclass, 2nd week of most months on a topic critical to transformation success (8-9am AEST 2nd Tuesday of the month/2nd Monday afternoon of the month in the US) or watch the recording uploaded within 24 hours.

* Time to practice the techniques and try out the templates at your own pace.

* Live 60 minute group coaching call, 4th week of most months, (8-9am AEST 4th Tuesday of the month/4th Monday afternoon of the month in the US). These are AMA sessions “Ask Me Anything”, where you can ask Lisa questions on the module, get feedback and suggestions on your own project, and also ask any general questions on your transformation challenges.

Each month you get a new masterclass, playbook and templates, as per the published roadmap.

How do I access the App containing all the training material?2023-06-25T11:21:55+10:00

The App contains the playbooks for each month with editable one page PowerPoint templates, as well as the recordings of the masterclasses and group coaching sessions so you can participate in your own time.  There is also a list of relevant curated articles, podcasts and YouTubes, and other resources.

The App is available as a webpage or on our smart phone via a login and password.  You will be sent details when you join the membership. For those members who also join a FutureBuilders mastermind group, the “Turbocharge Your Transformation” materials will also be on the same App.

Will my membership fee increase?2023-06-25T11:15:34+10:00

If you stay a member, you will not have an increase in price.

Although the membership price does increase from time to time to, all existing members maintain their access at the same price FOR LIFE (as long as you don’t cancel), and the price increases will only apply to new subscribers. If you cancel, you are then considered a ‘new’ member again and if the price has increased, your monthly membership fee would reflect the most up to date pricing. If you do not cancel, your monthly membership fee will be honoured for as long as you maintain the payments and include all future upgrades at no extra costs.

How is this different from legacy project management and change management methodologies?2023-06-25T12:02:48+10:00

Turbocharge Your Transformation is completely different from legacy methodologies.

The approach is framework-based, rather than following a methodology.  Each technique is taught through using a one page framework, similar to the style used by McKinsey and other top tier consulting firms.  You will be taught the principles of  how to work effectively in your culture, how to deliver your intended outcomes with precision, how to get real traction at scale, and how to speed up the momentum of your change.  These principles will improve your confidence in your own judgement, so that you can customize these frameworks to suit your own objectives and organization.

You will learn to Turbocharge Your Transformation by taking a truly multi-disciplinary approach, based on a blend of the disciplines of project management, change management, digital skills, design thinking, management consulting, problem solving and agile approaches.  In today’s complex and volatile environment, you will find this blended, inclusive approach to be more flexible and dynamic, so you can deliver your projects and programs with success.

Still got questions? Email Lisa Carlin lisa.carlin@futurebuildersgroup.com

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