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Imagine having access to a group of OD and transformation experts who will share their knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals.

Welcome to a global Organizational Development Mastermind Community.

Imagine having access to a group of OD and transformation experts who will share their knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals.

Welcome to a global Organizational Development Mastermind Community.

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Your intuition is telling you that you can make a more meaningful, better impact on your organization and the people around you. The world is changing. You want to step up and be recognized for being a Change Maker, a Transformation Expert, an Organizational Development practitioner who delivers.

The time to listen to your inner voice is NOW.

By joining the OD Hive, you are going to:

  • Turbo-charge your organizational change, digital transformation and business impact
  • Receive practical advice, input and ideas from OD and transformation practitioners on your own work challenges (these are called “hot seats”)
  • Make sense of all the noise and information overload
  • Access curated leading-edge thinking, discover innovative strategies and tools and explore how you can use them in practice
  • Build relationships with like-minded transformation professionals from diverse global backgrounds that will support you on your journey

The OD Hive is a cutting-edge Organizational Development mastermind group. In this live Zoom-based global peer mentoring and learning community, you will get the support, ideas and confidence to magnify the visible organizational impact you have always wanted to make.

What Our Members Say

Allison Keogh

Allison Keogh

Facilitator and Coach, Sydney

Lisa facilitates a group that I prioritise, no matter how busy I am. The topics are relevant, thought provoking and valuable to me and my business. The participants are wise, insightful, smart, intuitive and experienced. Lisa knows how to bring together people for the best peer learning outcomes and sourcing expertise that is invaluable. I love this group!

Future Builders Group | Tamar Altbeker

Tamar Altbeker

Founder and Director, The Bamboo Tree, Sydney

This learning group proved invaluable to me as it introduced me to new colleagues, ideas and tools that helped me develop my network and my capabilities. I admire Lisa’s skill in bringing diverse groups of people together to collaborate and her innate ability to ask the right questions ensuring the group is challenged.”

Future Builders Group | Nicole Weber

Nicole Weber

Facilitator and Coach, Australia

Lisa brings together diverse groups of consultants and others working in people- and change-focussed sectors. Her excellent curation of topics and facilitation of these sessions means there is always an opportunity to learn about emerging models and ideas that I may not be aware of or have considered. The peer learning approach makes these sessions highly practical and allows for a diverse range of views to come together. I look forward to the monthly sessions as I know I will always go away with new perspectives and tools I can apply, as well as feeling more connected to other professionals.

Future Builders Group | Hannah Berson

Hannah Berson

Design Thinking Specialist, SALT Collabatory, Seattle USA

Lisa is an experienced OD professional and a master connector. I have observed this firsthand from participating in her unique learning groups with OD and change management professionals. Lisa is excellent at bringing people together to learn new skills and share expertise in friendly online environments. She is thoughtful about the agendas for each session and makes sure there is something for everyone in the group. I very much appreciate the value of these forums and always leave learning something new!.

Future Builders Group | Susanna Carman

Susanna Carman

Transition Leadership, NSW Australia

Lisa is a natural connector, bringing people and ideas together. Her learning communities inspire knowledge sharing and experimentation with others who are engaging and masterful in their specialised fields. Most importantly, Lisa understands the fundamental principle that learning is relational – that it happens WITH, which is reflected in the quality of spaces she creates for those who are ready for high quality exchange and development.

Future Builders Group | Dan Levy

Dan Levy

Dan Levy, Design Thinking Specialist, More Space for Light, Australia

New opportunities have opened up. I’ll be presenting at a conference this year based on relationships I’ve built through this network. I’ve been able to facilitate and practice some of my techniques… Also I’ve been able to get the confidence that I’m not the only one out there that are suffering these pains….as well as celebrate the wins with other people that are fighting the same fight I am.

As a practitioner within an organisation you almost sit in a vacuum, you’ll only be as good as the other practitioners you’re going to collaborate with. By being part of this group, you’re part of a community, you’re part of a network.

Future Builders Group | Hannah Berson

Mary Rezek

Executive Coach, San Francisco Bay Area, USA

Activate Your Strategy

Find the path to successful transformation

Find The Path To Successful Transformation

You want your transformation to be successful. It is critical to your business success and your role. This is the “unicorn” approach, to get you into the ROI and innovation zone.

Flywheel Effect

Move from a PUSH

An integrated Unicorn Strategy Activation approach ensures you make the right commercial decisions, with the right people at the right time, working in the right way. This moves the transformation from a PUSH to a PULL approach where people not only want the change, but actively get involved to make it happen. That is what a PULL effect is all about.

Future Builders Group | Corporate Associates

stakeholder communities

Lisa’s “secret sauce” to significant change is Community.
Community magnifies momentum.
Community inspires change.
Community creates belongingness.
Belongingness amplifies motivation, learning and creativity.
Scale up your contribution NOW.

Join an exceptional group of professionals honing their skills, networks
and confidence to turbo-charge their business impact

About the Founder of the OD Hive, Lisa Carlin

(And why is she credible to help you?)

Future Builders Group | Lisa Carlin - Founder of OD HiveHi, I’m Lisa Carlin. As a scaleup mentor, I work with ambitious digital leaders to turbo-charge their business, cultural and digital transformation.

Those working with me have an independent sounding board and expert advice so they have absolute confidence they will achieve their goal.

The average failure rate for transformation is around 70% according to McKinsey research. In contrast, I have designed and delivered around 50 transformation programs, with just a 4% failure rate. Both failed projects were abruptly terminated due to a CEO / responsible executive being replaced.

When stakes are high, each decision counts. You won’t get a second chance.

My early career was with Accenture in South Africa and McKinsey in the USA. I’ve since worked with global multinationals, Australian corporates, government and NFP’s through to startups and VC funded businesses. I’m Co-Founder and Director of FutureBuilders Group which is a network of Organizational Development specialists.

I’ve been running a vibrant OD Community since 2020. Over my career, I have built many stakeholder communities inside organizations to drive transformation. I also volunteer as the Chair of an Education NFP, and I’m focused on building a different kind of community – volunteers fundraising for disadvantaged students in shanty towns of South Africa. Education is a major enabler of change.

I have now distilled and documented the techniques and tools that I am confident provide exceptional momentum and precision to a transformation. The OD Hive community is unique globally. If you work in the field of transformation, program/project management, change management or Organizational Development, you are invited to click below and join a trial session at no cost.

I look forward to welcoming you to the group.

Lisa Carlin

There is nothing worse than regret.

Places are limited to 20 people per group so sign up to the waitlist to be next in line.

You will be notified when there is space to join our next free trial session in your time zone.

  • NOT a training program!

  • NOT a conference!

  • NOT a passive webinar!


What you will get as an OD Hive Member:

  • You will belong to a small, unique community of OD practitioners and transformation specialists
  • Your group is capped at 20 people, usually with 2 facilitators including Lisa Carlin
  • You will participate in stimulating conversations on trending need-to-know topics in the field of digital, business and cultural transformation
  • You will be able to make sense of the information overload that fills your inbox daily
  • You will have tools, confidence, motivation, and support to make a more impactful, visible difference in the workplace


  • 1on1 meeting with Lisa Carlin (or another FutureBuilders facilitator if diaries don’t align) within the first 30 days to discuss your goals so that you can get the most from this experience
  • Participation in a Zoom discussion of 90 minutes each month (11 sessions per year)
  • Access to at least one hot seat each year – where the whole group focuses their brain power on solving YOUR BIG CHALLENGE.

  • Materials, such as one page tools and references
  • All resources centrally hosted on a secure app, available on desktop or on your smartphone
  • Nominate topics you’d like to explore – the agenda is draft and will evolve based on the group’s preferences
  • Satisfaction guarantee, refund within first 30 days

Bonus Inclusions

  • Free access to invitation only events in the broader OD Hive community – expert speakers on special related topics
  • Exclusive pricing available only to OD Hive members: 50% discount on Future Builders Transformation Toolkit, 20% off the Online Program “Turbo-charge your business, cultural and digital transformation”, an online program to be launched shortly
  • Access to member recommendations e.g. podcasts, webinars, articles, blogs to follow

Membership Fees

  • Early bird rates are available for new memberships that are paid before 14 March 2023

FAQs for the OD Hive Mastermind Community

How does the community benefit OD and Transformation Specialists?2023-02-21T23:33:53+11:00

You will join a live discussion community with the same intact group all year. Members are carefully formed into groups with similar interests, from diverse backgrounds to encourage innovation and diversity. As a result, wonderful professional relationships develop whereby members support each other’s growth.

By joining FutureBuilders OD Expert Group, you will:

  • Receive advice from peers
  • Energise your professional career through thoughtprovoking discussion
  • Cut through information overload and time wasters, with unique insights into leading-edge OD
  • Understand the value of building your own Community within your organization to lead transformation
What is the application process, and how can I be assured of the quality of the group members?2023-03-13T12:05:13+11:00

Members have several years of experience working on business change and digital transformation. All members are asked to agree to Group uidelines and Etiquette, which includes being respectful and generously sharing expertise within the group.

The application process:

  • Please join our waitlist if you haven’t already, and we will invite you to a trial session when space is available.
  • We will ask you to fill out a brief form on your experience and interests in OD. Based on this, if there is a suitable group, you will be offered a place, provided with the meeting time information, and asked to pay the membership fee.
  • Lisa Carlin (or another FutureBuilders facilitator if diaries do not align) will meet you 1 on 1 on Zoom within your first 30 days. We will discuss your goals from joining the group, your areas of interest and answer your questions
  • If there is a lack of fit for any reason and/or you change your mind within your first 30 days, your money will be refunded.
How do the monthly Group sessions stimulate learning and improve the change impact in my business?2023-02-22T12:08:19+11:00

The Group meets monthly via Zoom for 90 minutes, to discuss a specific topic. Sessions are designed as a collaborative, curiosity-driven, inquiry-based learning environment based on social learning theory. Each session is usually led by Lisa Carlin and a cofacilitator. The co-facilitator(s) may be another member from your group and/or another group within the OD Hive, so no session is exactly the same. There are often breakout discussion groups. Sometimes we will send you optional pre-reading, podcasts or youTubes. We understand that group members are busy, so the majority of learning occurs in the sessions. Discussions are biased towards practical implementation and integration with our OD

How can I be sure the topics will be valuable?2023-02-22T15:17:07+11:00

The list of topics is carefully curated by the Group Leader, Lisa Carlin based on input from the group. This is an enquiry-based group which means the topics evolve, based on the flow of the discussions, the interests of the members, and what is happening in our operating environment. Discussions range from the future world of work, business change, digital transformation and employee engagement.

Recent topics include:

  • The power of communities to drive change
  • AI for OD
  • Integrating design thinking into our approach
  • Future World of Work update and how to drive EX
  • Latest trends in HR Tech and EdTech
  • Digital business models for service businesses
  • Building digital transformation capabilities and skills
What happens in a session and how is your enquiry-based social learning approach different?2023-02-21T23:35:41+11:00

We follow a completely different approach to traditional learning. Our approach is enquiry-led, social learning. It assumes that each participant in the group has a unique and valuable perspective to share from their own experience. The facilitator(s) provide a succinct amount of content as a stimulus for a discussion, and members contribute their perspective. Together, the members actively contribute, debate and determine the relevance and how it can be applied to their own businesses. The last part of each meeting is a hot seat, where members are
invited to share an issue they are working on, and the group brainstorm ideas to solve it.

What can group members expect from the facilitators?2023-02-21T23:35:27+11:00
  • During the session, Lisa and the co-facilitator keep the discussion on track, ensures everyone has a voice, provides insights, and helps members be efficient and effective in mentoring one another.
  • Groups will start and finish at the agreed time, showing respect for the members.
  • Lisa will only admit members who have suitable interests and experience, and who are prepared to make a commitment to the group to sharing their expertise.
  • Lisa fosters an open, warm, authentic and friendly group culture which welcomes a diversity of opinion. There is a respectful and collegial atmosphere, where members feel safe to debate, have fun and sometimes disagree.
What is expected of members?2023-02-21T23:35:09+11:00
  • Members agree to set time aside for one 90 minute Zoom session monthly, and make every effort to attend.
  • Members contribute ideas, opinions and advice to others in our sessions in the spirit of generosity and sharing.
  • Members agree to abide by Chatham House rules, and will not share information outside the community that relates to specific companies or specific individuals.
How does this Group benefit me and my organization more than training courses?2023-02-22T12:06:10+11:00

This is an immersive, active experience – completely different to training programs, conferences, or webinars. Members provide tailored advice and insights to your business, that you cannot get by attending a training course. Imagine having access to a team of experts who will share their knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals.

Our sessions are designed to cover a range of important themes relevant to the current environment, but unlike traditional training, we don’t just skim the surface. We dive deep into discussions and debate the topics, extracting practical implementation implications that you can take away and apply in your work. And the best part? It’s not just informative, it’s also fun! So, don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock your potential to make unprecedented change in organization.

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