Over 25% of CEOs are using generative AI to make operational decisions.

Want to change the world? Start using AI tools to save time and inspire people with these 3 simple tips that I’m sharing with you in today’s article.

Are you using AI regularly to save you time in your management work and strategic projects? If not, you will fall behind your peers in your personal productivity.

Usage is high

25% of CEOS already using AI in their personal work. The Superusers are mostly under age 35. Around half the population of advanced English-speaking countries are using Generative AI (Gen AI), and 61% of employees are using or planning to use Gen AI in their roles (SalesforceMcKinsey). This means those not using Gen AI will need to work even harder to stay on top of their workload.

Gen AI is quick and easy to learn

When I show professionals, executives and board members how to use AI, they are surprised and delighted at what they find they could do with these new tools. One wrote on my LI=inkedIn recently “Lisa blew us away!”. They learn how to write “prompts” (queries) easily. They particularly like to hear which are the best tools I’ve tried to accelerate their work such as strategic planning, writing emails, and influencing techniques.

So today I’d like to share 3 tips on Gen AI. They will save you time, help you inspire people and get better results on your strategic projects.

By the way, if you haven’t yet, please take 5-10 minutes to assess your own capability in strategy execution and transformation. Some fascinating early patterns are emerging, and I promise to share the research insights with everyone who participates.  Question 17 is about AI.

3 Gen AI tips for Project Success

  1. Perplexity – you can use this tool instead of Google to search for information. You will get synthesized research rather than a list of sources based on key words. This is literally the future of search. Use it when you’re next planning a complex project.

  2. Claude – when preparing for a presentation or critical meeting, you can pre-empt likely objections and questions you may be asked. You can then proactively address these objections. I find that the free version of Claude (called Opus) is even better than ChatGPT at answering in plain English (several recent trials agree).

  3. Descript – improve your communications by providing an alternative to emails – record brief videos to share quick snippets of information regularly with your team or business or other stakeholders. You, your EA or VA can edit this as easily as editing a document in Descript. Think of this for a CEO weekly update to staff, a product launch, a project monthly stakeholder update.

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Quote of the week

“You need to integrate AI into your workflow. Because the past was about delegation. And the future is about automation.”

Alex Garcia, Author of Marketing Examined.


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