Future Builders Group | Dr Norman Chorn

About Dr Norman Chorn

Thought Leader, Consultant, Author, Speaker, part-time Academic,
Founder and Director of the BrainLink Group and the Centre for Strategy Development.

Dr Norman Chorn (aka. Dr Norm!) helps individuals think differently to lead and build highly successful global organisations. Well known to many as the “Business Doctor”, Norman integrates the principles of neuroscience with strategy and economics, using scenario planning and neurostrategy (the combination of neuroscience and strategy) to achieve innovative approaches to strategy, organisation, and leadership.

Through his programs, Norman helps organisations develop their future strategy through strategic foresight and innovation. He has a very personal and highly collaborative approach to develop and enhance the strategic thinking and decision making of individuals to make better leaders.

Norman is currently a Board member for two organisations and has over 30 years of executive and board level experience across multiple industries including manufacturing, education, neuroscience and professional services in the public, commercial and not-for-profit sectors.

Norman holds visiting and associate appointments with a number of leading international Graduate Schools of Management. He has a PhD, a Master of Business Administration and is an ambassador for Thought Leaders Global. Norman has authored and contributed to several books on strategy, leadership and organisation development and has written well over a hundred articles in these areas.


High Impact Business Strategy

Together we develop a powerful business strategy with fresh insights to have maximum impact and focus on key outcomes.
A good business strategy does not have to be very long, but will quickly communicate your intended direction, outcomes you want to achieve, and how you plan to get there.

Scenario Planning & Strategic Thinking

To plan ahead in uncertainty or solve really complex problems we use new insights from Strategic Foresight and Scenario Thinking.

In this workshop we build scenarios of the future and a succinct “Play to Win” strategy to achieve success.

Strategic Alignment

A key requirement for an effective organisation is the alignment between strategy, culture and leadership.

In this workshop we use the Strategic Alignment framework to define a culture that is uniquely matched with your organisation’s strategy to enhance the successful implementation of your strategy.

Strategic & Personal Resilience

Resilience is the ability to “bounce forward” and grow through disruption and change.
We can develop this resilience at both the individual and organisational level by applying new thinking to identify areas of fragility.
In this workshop you will develop new approaches and strategies to build anti- fragility for yourself and your business.