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  • Lisa Carlin’s top 10 tips in using AI for OD – including learnings from several OD Hive mastermind discussion groups in March 2023

  • Critical capabilities and skills for digital transformation by Lisa Carlin and Dr Norman Chorn. Read more if you’re wondering how to de-risk and accelerate your own digital transformation and growth journey. This is the final 2021 edition of the Unicorn Zone.

  • What is the purpose of having a company purpose? This is the second edition of a monthly newsletter by Lisa Carlin. The newsletter is called the Unicorn Zone, and it is about digital business transformation, culture and workplace technology.

  • 9 questions to discover your personal purpose is the first edition of a monthly newsletter by Lisa Carlin.  The newsletter is called the Unicorn Zone, and it is about hyper-growth, culture and workplace technology.

  • Stay out of the Dark Room by Lisa Carlin and Dr Norman Chorn, 2021. Lisa says: Move out of the dark room of developing strategy, and take an open, participative, agile approach. Harness digital platforms to speed up this process.

  • Unicornize your Business Model, a complimentary 1 hour online seminar with Lisa Carlin on 19 October, part of the 2022 Spark Festival. Lisa says: I will explore the 7 steps to a Unicorn business model for B2B SaaS. In this interactive Zoom meeting, you will be invited to turn your cameras on. Registrations essential.

  • Read the Room, an article on organizational culture by Lisa Carlin, published in the AICD Company Director magazine September 2022 . Lisa says: I’m pleased to be able to say that awareness of culture has improved over the past 20 years.  For change to be truly impactful, I explain that directors and leaders must understand cultural nuances and use precise language. You may have heard me say: strategy should determine culture, and culture determines strategy success.