According to Inc, 9% of the goals we set are actually implemented. This is almost as bad as the proportion of strategy execution failure!

Are you thinking about your goals for 2024 as this year comes to an end?

Can you guess what proportion of our goals that we set are actually implemented? Inc says its around a 9% success rate.

Pretty dismal. (Almost as bad as the proportion of strategy execution failure!).

Read on and let’s see if we can beat these odds.

Types of goals

Think about the different types of goals you can set. Here are some types to prompt your brainstorming:

  • Business – financial, culture, your team, projects, innovation, products
  • Your own work focus: type of work you want, type of clients/customers
  • Career
  • Learning
  • Personal – Financial, family, social, community, volunteering
  • Well-being – physical health, spiritual, happiness

Set your goals in 3 steps:

  1. Brainstorm all the goals you would love to accomplish, across any of the above categories. Make notes on your phone or wherever you can access easily. Do this over several days. Keep adding to the list. Think about EVERYTHING you’d like to do. This will help you de-clutter your brain.
  2. Then chose 3 achievable, realistic goals. Just 3. The process of prioritizing what you really, really want to do will help you FOCUS.
  3. Write your top 3 goals on paper and pin them to your wall or fridge where you will see them daily: there is something tactile about writing things down that helps, even for digitally-oriented people like me.

Clients, partners and sponsors

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Quote of the week

“Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else.” Peter Drucker, legendary management author.


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Keep turbocharging, keep growing 😊🌱📈

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