FutureBuilders Academy Terms and Conditions

Statement of Intention

I hereby apply to join the FutureBuilders Academy on behalf of myself and the organisation listed in my application.

I agree that the Terms and Conditions, which I acknowledge having read below, bind the organisation and myself jointly and severally.

A reference to “member” or “members” is deemed to include the organisation.

A reference to “FutureBuilders Academy” is deemed to include FutureBuilders Group and Carlin Consulting Group Pty Ltd and any of their affiliates, owners, officers, predecessors, successors, directors, agents, current and former employees, contractors, heirs, and beneficiaries.

I understand that my monthly membership payments are due on the date of joining the FutureBuilders Academy, and monthly thereafter. I can cancel my membership anytime and have no further liability for any payment. I can cancel by providing written notice to info@futurebuildersgroup.com. I understand there is a satisfaction guarantee, and I can request a full refund if I cancel within 14 days of my initial sign-up. After the initial 14 days, membership fees are not refundable.

Terms and Conditions

1. Live workshops: I understand that I have the choice to attend live workshops or watch the recordings provided at a time that suits me. Live workshops do not have a cap in terms of participant numbers, so should be considered a public forum. FutureBuilders Academy recommends that members avoid sharing private, confidential information in these public forums.

2. Video recordings: I understand that live workshops in the FutureBuilders Academy will be recorded. If I do not want to be recorded, then I should turn my camera and microphone off. However, I understand that FutureBuilders encourages members to turn their cameras on for the duration of the workshop, and participate actively in Q&A, because this makes your learning more effective.

3. Advice provided during workshops: Advice provided during workshops are given in good faith without knowledge of your operating context. As such, the FutureBuilders Academy, OD Hive, FutureBuilders Group and Carlin Consulting Group Pty Ltd is not responsible for any advice or recommendations which are provided either during or subsequent to workshops.

4. Indemnification: Members agree to defend and indemnify FutureBuilders Academy and hold it harmless against any and all claims, losses, costs, penalties, fines, damages, demands, and/or liability, which may arise from or related in any way to a member’s use or misuse of the activities, a member’s breach of these Terms and Conditions, or a member’s conduct or actions arising from the terms of services. Members agree not to add any of these persons or entities described in this clause as a third party in a dispute, claim or legal action.

5. Limits of liability: If a member has any basis for recovering damages (including a breach of these Terms and Conditions), members agree that their exclusive remedy is to recover from FutureBuilders Academy direct damages up to an amount equal to the members fee for the month during which the loss or breach occurred. Members are strictly forbidden to recover any other damages or losses, including direct, consequential, lost profits, special, indirect, incidental, or punitive. These limitations and exclusions apply even if this remedy does not fully compensate the member for any losses or fails of its essential purpose or if FutureBuilders Academy knew or should have known about the possibility of damages. To the maximum extent permitted by law, these limitations and exclusions apply to anything or any claims related to these Terms and Conditions, the products and services, or related software.

6. Networking: FutureBuilders Academy members are encouraged to connect and build mutually beneficial relationships with other members. Members agree not to engage in direct mass marketing with any members.

7. Payment of fees: Fees are to be paid in advance on the date of joining, and monthly thereafter. No refund applies in respect of non-attendance.

8. Authority: The member acknowledges they either have the authority to contract on behalf of their organisation in respect of their fees or have obtained the relevant authority to do so.

9. Termination clause: FutureBuilders operates under an agreed member etiquette and anticipates our members will follow these behavioural standards. The FutureBuilders Academy reserves the right to exit members in the event that the etiquette is breached.

10. Automatic renewal: The FutureBuilders Academy will automatically renew your membership monthly unless you cancel your membership. As long as you remain a member, your membership fees will not be subject to an increase, and you will continue to pay the same amount each month, regardless of what new members pay.

11. Cancellation policy: Members can cancel their membership anytime and have no further liability for any payment. Members can cancel by providing written notice to info@futurebuildersgroup.com. They may download copies of the templates and playbooks and retain these, however they will lose access to the learning app after they cancel their subscription. There is a satisfaction guarantee. New members will receive a full refund within the first 14 days of joining the Academy if they believe they have not received value. After the initial 14 days, membership fees are not refundable.