Lisa Carlin’s top 10 tips in using AI for OD – including learnings from several OD Hive mastermind discussion groups in March 2023.

I’ve had some fabulous conversations in our OD Hive mastermind groups in March. Everyone comes with such different perspectives and backgrounds, so it is a very rich conversation. One person who recently registered for a free trial session told me they look forward to the talk. I explained these sessions are not presentations, they are not webinars or training. They are cameras on conversations. Everyone learns from each other and meets new people.

In one of our masterminds, we had an interesting discussion about whether we could lose some of our humanity by working with AI tools. Everyone has agreed though that it makes our white collar knowledge work more efficient, and more effective. Here are my top 10 takeaways for how to use AI in OD.

Lisa Carlin’s top 10 uses for ChatGPT and AI in OD:

  1. Writing first draft of documents, articles, job descriptions, FAQs, Q&As, in the tone and for the context needed
  2. Designing workshop outlines or training programs, integrating a quiz or assessments
  3. Fielding enquiries (eg candidate enquiries for HR departments)
  4. Researching topics and synthesizing the information
  5. Reviewing documents, grading and providing feedback
  6. Analyzing tone of employee or customer research (sentiment tools)
  7. Providing coaching for personal develop from a bot
  8. Training someone on technique through question and answer, like a natural conversation (particularly GPT4)
  9. Summarizing information with a particular focus (eg to influence a particular audience)
  10. Generating creative names and themes (eg for projects, products, groups, businesses) and images (eg DALL-E)


Here is the best video I have seen on how generative AI is improving with GPT4 (and how to write prompts in Bing). Watch the entertaining bit towards the end, having a conversation with a drunken bot. Thanks Gerard Neiditsch for the suggestion.


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About Lisa Carlin

As a scaleup mentor, Lisa works with ambitious digital leaders to turbo-charge their business, cultural and digital transformation. Those working with Lisa have an independent sounding board and expert advice so they have absolute confidence they WILL ACHIEVE THEIR GOAL. Lisa is Co-Founder and Director of FutureBuilders Group of organisational development specialists, Chair of the University of Cape Town Australia Trust, and on the Advisory Board of Rebelliuz, the Tiktok for jobs. Lisa runs an Organizational Development Community exploring leading edge ideas in digital transformation, culture change and business innovation. Her early career was with Accenture (South Africa) and McKinsey (USA).

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