Do you have the multidisciplinary skills to implement a business or digital transformation? by Lisa Carlin. Read more to know what is the proven approach to implement a business or digital transformation that will not just survive, but thrive, now and into the future.

You may have heard this fact before: around 70% of transformation efforts, strategy implementation and change projects fail – this is according to McKinsey research. Last year, Harvard Business Review reported this number at 78%.

I’m committed to improving these dismal odds by building skills in digital transformation, cultural change and business improvement. I’m proud that over 96% of my projects have been successful (48 out of over 50 projects). So I know what works and what doesn’t work and I’ve captured these in a unique diagnostic tool.

Our complex environment makes it impossible to base our approach on a single specialization.

The proven approach is multidisciplinary, and draws off change management, project management, agile, management consulting problem solving techniques, design thinking, strategy execution and other disciplines.

Are you curious about where the gaps are in your own transformation skills? You can now rate yourself against the 50 work practices essential to implement transformation. I invite you to take my FREE self-evaluation now, and calculate your Transformation Success Score in under 5 minutes. You will receive a confidential summary.


If you’re curious about the OD Hive, please click here and register for the waitlist. I will invite you to a trial session as soon as there is a spot available for you in your time zone. See my newly launched page, the OD Hive.

We provide a forum for warm, inspiring conversations that generate useful ideas, and a deepening of skills, relationships and mutual appreciation. We give members the confidence that they are on top of the latest in their field, can cut through the noise out there, and can apply the insights in practice. Members are organizational development (OD) practitioners and transformation specialists who are interested in change, digital transformation and business innovation.

I promise if you register here, you’ll get to meet some fabulous people.

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About Lisa Carlin

As a strategy execution specialist and scaleup mentor, Lisa works with ambitious digital leaders to turbo-charge their business, cultural and digital transformation. Lisa is Co-Founder and Director of FutureBuilders Group of organisational development specialists, and volunteers as Chair of the University of Cape Town Australia Trust. Her early career was with Accenture (South Africa) and McKinsey (USA).

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