Organizational change, and transformation is challenging, but if you’re an innovators, creating change is all you do within your organization.

Although many of my readers know me for my work on service improvements, I must confess that digital products have a special place in my world. I’m a bit of a tech geek at heart ever since I wrote my own little computer game in Basic when I was in high school (most people don’t know this about me, it is well disguised, ha ha. My father had just built one of the early PC’s in South Africa at the time, by soldering chips individually on a motherboard that he’d imported from the UK. The tech bug was infectious.)

So that may be why I just loved talking with Chad McAllister, PhD, the host of Product Mastery Now podcast. Chad is based in Denver Colorado, and conducts interviews to help product managers and leaders become product masters to create products that customers love.

Now you’ve probably heard stories about how some digital product companies like IBM successfully transformed, and those like Kodak did not. In an enjoyable conversation, Chad extracted my three “secrets” for faster and better strategy execution for the product world

My best tip:

This tip is also my favorite quote that I discussed with Chad: “You can’t get to the Unicorn Zone by pushing harder. You must create a pull effect.” Lisa Carlin (See more here).This applies to internal change within organizations: find ways for your people to enthusiastically request the new systems / changes / strategies you are launching.

Marketing executives particularly will know this also applies to external customers. In fact it applies to all stakeholders you are aiming to influence to do something different. Pull is more effective than push approaches.

Anyone who has fed broccoli to children will know this!

For more on the pull vs push effect and other stories, listen or read the summary of my chat with Chad McAllster on You can also listen using your favorite podcast app by searching for “Product Mastery Now”.

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