The Turbocharge approach is completely different from legacy methodologies.

The Turbocharge approach is framework-based, rather than following a methodology. Each technique is taught through using a one-page Executive framework, similar to the style used by McKinsey and other top tier consulting firms. You will be taught the principles of how to work effectively in your culture, how to deliver your intended outcomes with precision, how to get real traction at scale, and how to speed up the momentum of your change. These principles will improve your confidence in your own judgement, so that you can customize these frameworks to suit your own objectives and organization.

You will learn to Turbocharge by taking a truly multi-disciplinary approach, based on a blend of the disciplines of project management, change management, digital skills, design thinking, management consulting, problem solving and agile approaches. In today’s complex and volatile environment, you will find this blended, inclusive approach to be more flexible and dynamic, so you can deliver your projects and programs with kindness, respect and success.