Learn digital transformation in 5 simple steps, overcome challenges with practical tips for successful strategy execution.

Here are a few important digital facts:

  • Most businesses are prioritizing digital. No surprise, Gartner says 91% of businesses are engaged in some form of digital initiative.
  • AI is getting particular focus. “More than 50% of workers experimented with generative AI, either at home or in the workplace” (ZD Net June 2023).
  • Based on my research, the challenges blocking digital transformation efforts are mostly due to culture and people, eg scoping issues (poor alignment of people), financial overruns (most often due to skills and people issues), resistance to change (culture), stakeholder problems (culture), and regulatory/compliance issues (NOT people).

To adopt a business-focused, disciplined project, change and culture-friendly approach to digital, check out my tips of the week. 👇

5 steps for your digital strategy:

(And it applies to any other project or strategic initiative too!)

  1. DOCUMENT your objectives clearly and succinctly. In a workshop I ran last year for tech/high growth Founders and CEOs, the biggest reported issue was lack of documentation. In large enterprises, there is more typically too much documentation and insufficient clarity and agreement on objectives.(hint: use ChatGPT to summarize, or identify issues with your objectives).
  2. DEVELOP with others. Co-develop with people and they will engage more in your digital strategy and plans. (The most important thing you can learn from design thinking principles).
  3. DIVIDE it into stages. Chunk it. Prioritize it. How do you eat an elephant? Chunk by chunk. If you feel overwhelmed, it probably means you are stuck on this step. Too many projects, too many high priorities.
  4. DELEGATE accountability. This is a massive topic and I’ll cover it in more depth in later editions)
  5. DRIVE momentum – distribute responsibility throughout your organization to get there faster.

Thank you to all the amazing, wonderful people who have emailed me back to say they enjoyed last week’s tips. I love to hear how you find this useful.


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