Both are memberships within the FutureBuilders Academy, and Lisa Carlin is the Program Leader of both. They are however completely different in style and focus, and complement each other.

The OD Hive is a small peer mentoring group of 20 professionals learning from a facilitated discussion on trending topics. It is enquiry-based social learning, which means the agenda emerges based on interests of the group, and members learn primarily from each other, as well as from the facilitators. It is not training, it is not content-intensive, it is a learning community. Members pay an annual subscription fee and your group has fixed participants who you will get to know over the course of the year.

Turbocharge your Transformation is completely different – it is a membership community of transformation and project leaders, innovators and change makers who all want to access to Lisa’s expert training. You will receive playbooks and tools, and learn how to use them. Numbers of participants are not capped at a maximum. Participants pay by the month, so your cohort is larger.