Join the AI revolution of 2023 in business strategy execution. Are you using AI for project management and change management work?

43% of CEOs are “using AI to make strategic decisions, while 36% are using generative AI for operational decisions”. Investopedia, June 27, 2023

AI tools are the disruptive tech theme of 2023 so far. (I’ve added “so far” just in case…. who knows what else will unfold for the rest of 2023. Especially if the last few years are any indication.)

So are you using AI tools to save you time with your projects, be more productive, and inspire the people around you?

If you’ve joined almost 4,000 subscribers to this email, you are an innovator, change maker or transformation executive interested in strategy execution. This means you MUST have tried some of the new AI tools else you’re falling behind.

In terms of the diffusion of innovation, I believe AI is already at the stage of adoption by the late majority. Eric Langley, Fractional CIO agrees – see his description here.

Seriously, why would you use a typewriter when you can use a word processor?

A tape recorder when you could stream music?

A book of maps vs Google maps and GPS?

Yes, I know the problem is finding time to try out all these tools to determine which ones will give you the biggest benefit for your time (cost is secondary as they’re fairly inexpensive and many have freemium versions).

So this brings me to 3 AI ideas you can try right now to save you time and inspire others.

My 3 tips for this week

  1. Record, transcribe and summarize your meetings immediately eg
  2. Improve your communications by providing an alternative to emails – record brief videos to share quick snippets of information regularly with your team or business eg Descript (your EA or VA can edit this as easily as editing a document)
  3. Influence groups of people on your proposal, strategy or big idea, by pre-empting objections. Use ChatGPT to generate a list of objections and questions tailored to your particular stakeholder group, and then proactively address these objections (or frame them out) in your presentation.

If you would like to explore this further, I invite you to join my live Zoom masterclass “Turbocharge with AI” on August 8th, 8-9am AEDT. This is part of the Turbocharge Your Transformation membership.

Here’s to your transformation success. 😊


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