FutureBuilders leverages its depth of experience to deliver organisational change in a pragmatic and sustainable fashion.

FutureBuilders has three areas of focus to produce three types of outcome for you and your organisation.


Our three areas of focus are:

  1. Supporting clients to develop new insights into the organisation’s future strategy and development
  2. Fostering innovation and creativity in the organisation
  3. Implementing strategy and change initiatives


The three key outcomes we produce are:

  1. Growth in revenue, profitability and overall capability
  2. Cultural transformation
  3. Development of the organisation’s leadership, teams and overall capability


Examples of the types of projects we have developed and delivered for our clients include:

– Major change programs, incorporating strategic analysis, Executive team facilitation, engagement throughout the organisation to stimulate self-directed change, and program, project and change management support to manage, monitor and review progress

– Development and implementation of a high performance framework across organisations, integrating organisational strategy, leadership and team development and individual alignment

– Individual and team coaching to stimulate new insights, self-reflection, and to encourage trial of new ways of working and adoption of new habits

– Development of leadership, learning and talent strategies to support the organisation’s readiness to meet new strategic challenges

– Application of neuroscience data to inform OD, customer service and business effectiveness programs

– Strategic advice to prepare organisations for effective mergers and acquisitions