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Not Getting The Results You Want? Your Design May Be Wrong

Good organisation design is the deliberate alignment of your organisation to the market and your strategy. Poor design accounts for 50% of strategy failure! Organisation design – why bother? Many people would regard the design of their organisation as rather less important than the clarity of their strategy or the positive attitude of their staff. […]

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Organisation Design - The Missing Link

Is Organisation Design the missing link in Strategy Execution?

Is Organisation Design the missing link in Strategy Execution? Strategy execution often fails due to the breakdown between strategic intent and the development of appropriate competencies. Organisation Design may be the missing link between the two. Missing link? One of the keys to succeeding in an uncertain environment is to focus on developing organisational capabilities […]

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Customers Ahead

Economy of scale is a myth

Why shared services don’t deliver Shared services are being introduced into organisations at an increasing rate. They are based on the assumption of economies of scale through centralisation and standardisation. But the evidence suggests that these benefits do not necessarily follow…. How to achieve customer focus and manage costs “We want multiple value propositions for […]

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Balance and Focus

It’s a Question of Focus – Not Balance

Balance doesn’t drive effective organisations – Focus requires an imbalance A controversial starting point I know that several readers will find my opening argument quite controversial – after all, it goes against much of the conventional wisdom about effective organisations. But, effective organisations display more focus than they do balance. So what’s the difference between […]

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