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Three Questions for HR Leaders

Three Questions to Ask Your HR Leader

Who’d want to be an HR Leader today? The challenges are tough for HR leaders in these uncertain times. The key questions relate to how we understand the future and plan our capabilities. By understanding how the future will unfold, we can build an agile organisation and supportive culture. These are tough times for executives […]

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Dr Norman Chorn

The Leadership Metronome

While listening to some music recently, I was reminded of my time as a young boy learning to play the piano. I was a poor music student – my enduring memory is of the metronome beating out its relentless rhythm while I was playing under the watchful eye of my music teacher. The metronome became […]

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Strategic Intuition

Release Your Strategic Intuition

Strategic Intuition is powerful combination of rational thinking and creative imagination. It can be released by following a process that recognises the differences between Strategy and Planning. Four key principles for combining rational thought and creativity What is Strategic Intuition? Have you ever had a flash of insight where the solution to a difficult problem […]

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Strategic Leadership

Over the Horizon Strategic Leadership

In the latter part of the 15th century, Christopher Columbus exercised “over the horizon leadership” within his industry – by heading west instead of east to find the New World. He believed that this direction would yield new benefits and better results for his expedition. But, beyond knowing intuitively or feeling that there would be […]

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Leading with Loyalty and Betrayal

Leading with loyalty and betrayal

Maverick or Rebel? Leading with both loyalty and betrayal can improve the performance of your organisation I’ve been betrayed During a major transformation program in an engineering business last year, a key project was brought to a standstill when the CEO accused two key executives of betrayal. The executives had gone outside the agreed plan […]

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Leadership lessons from Nelson Mandela

I recently finished reading Invictus (1), the book describing Nelson Mandela’s clever use of rugby to help achieve his political goals in South Africa. Written by Roger Carlin, it outlines Mandela’s nation building strategy in South Africa, and the part played by the rugby world cup in 1995. Being of South African origin and a […]

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Personal Excellence

In Pursuit of Personal Excellence

In a conversation between Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway, Fitzgerald is reputed to have said “The rich are different to you and me”, to which Hemingway replied, “Yes, they have more money”. Notwithstanding the literary dispute as to whether this conversation actually took place, Fitzgerald was alluding to the fact that the rich seemed to […]

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Leadership in Uncertain Times

How to Lead in Uncertain Times

Building the Future “The future is not what it used to be” Leading in times of uncertainty requires a different approach to dealing with the future. Successful leaders follow four key practices. What’s the problem? I have been reflecting about my experiences in dealing with clients who are struggling to adapt their organisations to the […]

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