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Lisa Carlin’s insights on the execution of your strategy.

Talent Management is Dead

Talent Management is Dead!

Talent Management is focused on the recruitment, development and rewarding of high potential people in your organisation. The “War for Talent” Since McKinsey coined the team in 1997 (1), they have argued strongly that effective Talent Management (TM) is a driver of value creation in organisations. This has launched a spate of TM practices in […]

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Gold Medal Trio

Winning the Gold Medal for Strategy Execution

If they were giving out gold medals at the Olympics for execution, would your organisation be a contender? How can you achieve gold medal execution in your organisation? This is part two in a series of articles on strategy execution. Previously, I compared three execution environments. Amateur execution is the lowest level where even the […]

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Gold Medal Execution

Is Your Strategy Execution Designed to Fail?

Have you ever wondered how much effort is wasted in organisations, trying to implement large-scale or complex change? Many plans never get converted into tangible business results. Management literature suggests a 50-80% failure rate of strategy execution and organisational change projects. Imagine the outcome in your business if you could increase the success rate of […]

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