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Future Scenarios

There’s No Future In Predicting The Future

Conventional planning no longer works Conventional planning no longer works. Setting strategy for the future involves accepting and practicing 7 key principles. The future can’t be predicted – but it can be influenced by your actions. The new normal The term “new normal” has been coined to describe this period of incessant change and uncertainty. […]

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Strategic Leadership

Over the Horizon Strategic Leadership

In the latter part of the 15th century, Christopher Columbus exercised “over the horizon leadership” within his industry – by heading west instead of east to find the New World. He believed that this direction would yield new benefits and better results for his expedition. But, beyond knowing intuitively or feeling that there would be […]

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Bad Strategy

How to recognise “bad” strategy

How to recognise “bad” strategy – and what to do about it Business failure is often associated with poor strategy. We make the distinction between “good” and “bad” strategy – and offer some guidelines to improve the quality of your own strategy. What’s the problem? A recent Dun & Bradstreet analysis (1) reports on the […]

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How to Craft Strategy

How to craft Strategy in Uncertain Times

Over the Horizon Leadership Peering over the horizon to set strategy – Crafting strategy in uncertain times is like peering over the horizon to see what’s coming. You need the help of a sextant to guide you through. What’s the problem? I’ve had an ongoing conversations with several of my clients in the past months. […]

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Are you getting the change you need?

Focusing on your approach to problems and solutions can give you better outcomes in your change initiatives. Am I part of the problem or the solution? Are you getting the change you need? Changing the way we change I’ve been reflecting on the various assignments I’ve been involved with in 2011. Many of these have […]

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Gold Medal Execution

Is Your Strategy Execution Designed to Fail?

Have you ever wondered how much effort is wasted in organisations, trying to implement large-scale or complex change? Many plans never get converted into tangible business results. Management literature suggests a 50-80% failure rate of strategy execution and organisational change projects. Imagine the outcome in your business if you could increase the success rate of […]

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